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Guide the beam to create a gorgeous spectrum of light
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18 May 2012

Editor's review

Rainbow occurring naturally in the sky is a rare and blissful sight that we long to see. To give you the opportunity to obtain this phenomenon in your PC, Novel games has come up with Rainbow Mechanic 1.0.0, adding a little bit of spice. Rainbow Mechanic is a puzzle game in which your main objective is to achieve the rainbow out of the single beam of the sun with the help of mirrors that are supplied. Playing the game is extremely easy as you just need to click on the mirrors to move them and place them at desired location so that the ray from the source will traverse in a proper route and strike the prism giving you the ultimate view of seven glittering color. You can play the game online or download the executable file from the internet, install it in your system and enjoy the game.

The mirrors will be inclined to 45 degree that you will be fitting in the maze in which the entire set will be present. In case you have mistakenly arranged the setting you can click the reset button and start the game all over by arranging the mirrors again. Be aware of the time that keeps on ticking, as the time gets over and you do not complete your task you will lose the game. In the advanced stages there are more accessories and devices you can use to accomplish the task. Take for example solar powered magnet; solar powered fan etc. will have to be used in making way for the light and creating the way.

All in all the game is very amusing to play as you have to use your analytical skills to solve the puzzle more over the graphics as well the music and the sound enhances the gaming experience making us to rate the game with a respectable score of three rating points.

Publisher's description

The chance of catching a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow may be rare, but with suitable devices you can create the glorious color beams on your own. Appreciate the magnificent combination of nature and science in Rainbow Mechanic, in which your goal is to place or remove mirrors so that the light can be directed to the prism and generate a rainbow. The first level of the game starts with a maze which contains a light source and a prism. You will be given a certain number of 45-degree mirrors in the selection panel at the bottom of the maze, and you can click to place the suitable mirrors onto the empty blocks in the maze. If you would like to remove a mirror, simply click the corresponding block again. Since the light always travels in a straight line, it will turn 90 degrees when it reaches a mirror. You may test the settings by clicking the Start button on the right of the selection panel so that the light starts to travel, and you may click the Stop button to continue placing or removing mirrors. If the light cannot be successfully directed to the prism, you can click the Reset button to remove all mirrors at once. As you advance in the game, you can utilize some solar powered devices to accomplish the task. The flashlight will be turned on when light meets it, while the solar powered fan can blow away light objects and plastic blocks in the maze, and the solar powered magnet can attract and move metal blocks so that new routes for the light become available. Bear in mind that each level has a specific time limit as displayed on the left of the selection panel, and if you fail to create a rainbow before the time runs out, you lose the game. Make use of the solar powered items wisely to cast the fascinating magic of the light!
Rainbow Mechanic
Rainbow Mechanic
Version 1.0
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